North American Sensors Corp.North American Sensors Corp. is a manufacturer of sensors and gauges for pressure, level and temperature applications for the marine industry. Contact us at 1-800-259-6874.

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North American Sensors Corp.
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Mission Statement

It is the mission of North American Sensors Corporation to manufacture innovative products for all industries. Our hope is that these products will continually create a benchmark of quality and customer satisfaction. Through these self imposed standards, we will continually strive to surpass industry expectations concerning product and personnel performance. All of these pursuits will be conducted with the ultimate goal of becoming the industry leader in sensor manufacturing and technology.

We feel confident of our reputation with our customers in the markets we serve. Instead of providing testimonials from selective customers confirming our level of service and product quality we will give you contacts from your industry and geographical area to provide a testament to our products and service.

North American Sensors Corp.

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