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The instrument’s pioneering capacitive measurement cell is manufactured in ceramic, a material impervious to chemical attack for most applications. Careful design of the sensor means the diaphragm is fully supported and protected against overload and shock pressure conditions.

Advanced signal processing provides an increased operational span and sensitivity compared with conventional capacitive devices, reducing the number of nominal ranges to 4 to cover all tank depths up to 50 meters WG, all with the same high performance levels.

The transmitter body is manufactured from high integrity 316 stainless steel and employs a carefully engineered seal assembly in a choice of materials, which draws upon PSM many years of application experience to provide a fully submersible (IP68) construction capable of withstanding the toughest operating conditions.

Advanced features are not confined to mechanical design. The iCT features a powerful onboard micro-controller utilizing a unique digital processing principle, to precisely monitor the pressure related output of the capacitive cell. Ambient temperature is also monitored to provide a fully compensated level signal. The level signal can then be further processed by a comprehensive range of functions and outputs, all under the user’s control.

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