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Tankstar 460 Liquid Level Transmitter

Data Sheet

Tankstar 460
  • Internal & external mounting options
  • Fully Submersible Sensor
  • Marine classification 'type' approved
  • Intrinsically safe certified
  • Meets RFI / EMC immunity Standards
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • Seawater, oils and corrosive duties
  • Unrivaled Overload Tolerance

With many thousands of transmitters installed on all classes of Ships from Military vessels to Tankers, the design of the ‘Tankstar’ series draws on over 20 years successful application experience. Fully compliant with the latest IEC and Marine Industry standards, its rugged construction provides reliable and accurate monitoring of liquid levels in the harsh environments of Shipboard tanks and draught applications, where conditions of high overload, shock, vibration, and temperature variation are common.

The measuring principle of pressure sensitive diaphragm & L.V.D.T. Combines excellent sensitivity and long term stability The ‘Tankstar’ has the sensitivity needed to accurately measure shallow tanks but will sustain a 50 times overload without damage. The all welded sensor is manufactured from high grade alloys specifically selected for their stability & corrosion resistance. A wide choice of fittings and the remotely mounted amplifier maximizes installation flexibility and serviceability.

Sensors are maintenance free and contain no active electronic components. A factory sealed cable is supplied to the required length for direct connection to the amplifier. The standard sensor cable has a heavy duty outer sheath of cross linked polymers which are suitable for continuous immersion in both sea water, fuels and hydrocarbons. An optional performance cable permits use of sensor in extreme temperature limits of -50°C to +150°C.

North American Sensors Corp.

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